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Where Will You Vacay Next??

I don't know about you but when Spring starts to round the corner and the temps start to slowly rise here in Southern California my mind can't help but wander to faraway vacation destinations that I might escape to. I've always been an adventurer by nature - I'm also the type of person that is dreaming of my next trip during a current trip. I'm a planner but i'm whole heartedly a dreamer. If you ask me where I'd like to travel to next I'd probably go round and round through my endless list and then conclude with "EVERYWHERE". My husband is a homebody but I find the longer we are married the more he has picked up my travel bug and I will often hear him start sentences now with "ya know where I want to go to next?"...color me intrigued.

In the spirit of vacation planning (or dreaming) - I have gathered a collection of cities that are on my list and the unique design styles that represent each robust culture. Even while writing this I'm still arguing with myself on which city i'd like to visit next.

Paris, France

I know, I know. Pretty cliche. But come on, it's Paris! Admittedly, I have been to Paris once before with a church group and I was sadly disappointed...BUT, we had stayed outside of the city and I feel like Paris deserves my second chance. Also, it's "The City of Love" so how could I not go again on a romantic getaway for two?! With the charm of it's architecture and the black & white fancy feelings I'm sure I would leave with French madeline cookies in my belly and baguettes in my bag. A sure sign of a good time in Paris.

New York, New York

Did I own an "I heart NYC" shirt? OF COURSE. Absolutely one of my favorite places that I've been to thus far. Every time I go I fall more in love with the architecture, the hip culture, and the dollar hot dogs & thin crust pizza. From broadway shows to underground jazz clubs New York is rich with culture and such a fun city to explore. Just outside of the city, just across the bridge, is Brooklyn - which has been massively revamped in the last decade and now is bustling with restaurants, hotels, and shops. And just as the city is a melting pot of cultures, so is the design vibe! It's got a moody, downtown city feel with a blend of architectural hints from all around the world. NYC is a must see.

Marrakech Medina, Morocco

We recently acquired a new client that requested her outdoor space to be a Moroccan inspired getaway. After diving in to the concepts and design process with her I soon realized that Marrakech is a must see and most definitely needed to be added to my list of vacation destinations. With an abundance of patterns, bold colors, and rich textiles it makes for quite the experience and invites you deep into the culture of Morocco.

Santorini, Greece

What a DREAM. Admittedly, this might be at the top of my list at the current moment. The wide open ocean views, the simplicity of the white stucco architecture and intimate villas...not to mention the slow pace of culture and cobblestone streets - it's all just SO charming! It truly screams vacation to me. Also, I have an insatiable appetite for greek food so I feel as though this trip would do my soul & belly very well.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has long been on my eye when it comes to the most desirable vacay spots. The allure of the European history merged with the bustling fiestas of the Spanish culture pairs for the perfect mix of facts and fun. I imagine myself getting lost in the streets, mesmerized by the blend of old and new and being captivated by Spanish infused design and architecture. I love the stucco, the rich dark woods, the extravagant patterns and hues of red that make up the culture of Barcelona's design scene. It's a must see for sure!

Whether it's a European affair or a faraway island that you find yourself dreaming of - as they say ..."The world is your oyster"!

Which city's design style is most appealing to you?? Let us know in the comments below!




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