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Let's Chat Video Sessions!

Video sessions might be our new favorite way to connect with clients. It's so much fun to come together with ideas, plans, and inspiration and really create a collaborative design together face-to-face in a workshop-type setting.

Video sessions are the perfect service if you're not sure if you need an interior designer, if you're not sure if we're the right fit for you and you want to chat through a space together, or if you really just need a starting point to launch yourself into your project. The possibilities are endless for what we are able to accomplish during this time, and it's truly a service that works the way you want it to.

Let's say you have a living room that you've left empty for the past few months (or years) because you're just not sure how to lay the space out in a functional and beautiful way. You start our session by showing us this photo and giving a few rough dimensions:

We have the goals in mind to create various seating, comfortable and conversational, display opportunities for art, photos, and special items from your travels. You might even want some options to replace the tile on your fireplace.

An inspirational image you have shows us a variety of textures and materials, yet keeps a bright and airy feel:

During the call, we pulled together some items that would all look great together and created a space you would be proud to show off to your friends and family.

You could either add on a floor plan layout for us to determine the exact sizing of items for you, or you could take it from there and measure out your space to fit everything appropriately.

The end result is something you can be proud to show off your friends and family as well as just enjoy on a Friday night with your glass of wine and pizza delivery.

Our giveaway for a video session is running on Instagram until Monday so if you haven't entered make sure to before it closes! If you want to book a video session with us, click here, we would love to meet you!




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