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This Ain't Your Grannie's Wallpaper

Spring FINALLY feels like it has arrived (even here in sunny San Diego) and I am starry eyed over the color palettes of the Spring releases. Muted pastels, earthy tones, and abstract patterns are everywhere and didn't stop short from taking over the endless world of wallpaper options. In efforts to share the goodness with ya'll I've gathered a collection of some of my current favorites.


Latest on the trend alerts are mural style wallpapers. From watercolor looks to abstract patterns, this option is perfect for a large statement wall that you want to feel more custom finished!


Scared of taking too big of a leap into an intense pattern? Play it safe with a simple black and white geometric pattern like this herringbone option. Ya just can't go wrong.


I love the new modern wave of floral wallpapers that aren't a replica of 50 years ago but rather a fresh take on greenery and softer looks like Anthropologie's water color floral option. Options like these are so fun for powder bathrooms and smaller areas that are looking for a fun design splash.


Similar to the mural option, selecting an abstract pattern feels more custom and free flowing and gives off more of an "art" feeling to any room.


A stripe is more of a traditional pattern but I love how West Elm put a modern twist on it with this ikat option! This selection would look amazing in a long hallway or on a bedroom headboard wall.


Looking for more a natural, woven feel? Textured wallpaper is perfect for you! It's not a far fetch from simple paint but adds a whole other layer of interest to your room. I personally love bringing in darker colors like this charcoal grey option to make a bold statement and bring contrast. You may be seeing a similar option in one of our upcoming designs so keep your eyes peeled!


How fun and funky is this dot pattern?! Perfect for a playroom, sunroom, craft area, or laundry room. Ideal for homes that want to bring in that element of surprise and playfulness.

That's a wrap folks! Comment below and tell us your favorite wallpaper style and where you would put it!




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