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The Perfect Home Office: The Key to Productivity

We recently transformed our little home office space to include a pretty mural, white dining table desk, and organized closet library full of inspiring samples. If you work from home, you undoubtedly understand the struggle to peel yourself (+ your laptop) out of bed and sit up right to get the job done. It's such a game changer sitting in a space dedicated to being productive vs. a comfy spot on the couch leading to an unplanned nap. Since we found so much joy came from our new space, I figured, what the perfect opportunity to share aspects that spark productivity the most for us!

Since we love working at the same table to collaborate on all of our projects, we found a smaller scale dining table was the best fit for us, and we painted it white so we had a perfectly neutral backdrop when using it to spread out selections for projects.

Studio McGee created the perfect communal workspace to spread out in their Lake House Project.

While we have not installed such a dream yet, a wall lined with cork would create a perfect opportunity to pin up fabrics, wallpapers, and furniture images to pull a project together.

Dark blues and light oaks create a beautiful contrast. Want to elevate even more? The shiplap in this office space creates a subtle texture adding more visual interest. And the pendants, dreamy.

Most offices have some version of a whiteboard or blackboard to keep track of to-do lists or monthly calendars - why not push that idea further with a really pretty roll of brown paper?!

ALWAYS wallpaper... I absolutely love this colorful built in with wallpaper on the back panel - and the contrast of the pretty wood desk, bravo!

Rugs can make a huge difference in a small space with not a lot of money in some cases, what do you think of this home office we designed for Becca Tilley?

Just because you work from home, doesn't mean you can't have a stunning space - even more reason to, I say! What does your dream office look like? Want our help making your dreams a reality?




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