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Sneak Peeks Into Our Tennessee Custom Build!

If you follow us on Instagram (wink, wink you definitely should...@realmdesignco) you might have seen us post last week some site walk videos and photos from one of our Tennessee projects that is in the works! I think we can all collectively agree, this house is GORGEOUS. Our clients are amazing and have such a beautiful vision for every small and large detail of this forever home and we have been so lucky to partner with them in the design process! Every site walk that I go to is so exciting because we're in the final 6 months of a 3 year build and it all is coming to life now.

Driving up the long, windy road....past the grazing buffalo (no joke) and rolling come up to this view. WOW. The exterior is taking shape! Can't wait to see the stone finished and the siding painted.

As promised after our walkthrough, we wanted to follow it up here to share some design concepts that we've pulled from for each space. The thing I love most about this project is while there definitely is an overall common theme for the home, each space really does have something so unique and special that make it feel both personal to our clients and so fun and exciting for designing!

  1. Study/Gentlemen's Lounge

This room is going to be vibey. A dark rich green, cofferred ceiling, leather accents, custom black oak desk...I can already picture it being a space you won't want to leave! This room has a gorgeous view looking out onto the front property and the special design feature includes wood timber planking from the original cottage. Here are a few design concepts to give you an idea of the direction...

2. Kitchen

Some might say the kitchen is the heart of the home and let me tell you...this heart is a stunner. White oak cabinetry, brass hardware, steel door accents, plaster hood details, double island...the cabinetry install just began and we're so eager to see the progress continue!

Both of these gorgeous slabs will be in the kitchen - the more dramatic option for the range wall and the whiter slabs for the remaining countertops. In love with these!

Timeless kitchen pendants pulling in those creamy and brass tones.

Plaster hood detail with inset shelves....functional AND aesthetically pleasing - win win!

3. Details

Probably our favorite element of this home is the unique attention to detail in each and every space. As designers, we love having clients who appreciate the small things like we do! Here are a few design features throughout the home that we'll let you in on now...

In both the foyer and the primary bathroom there are groin vaults going in...a gorgeous architectural moment that adds so much to a space.

Built in cabinetry is throughout this build - and there are a few areas that are going to be SO fun and different with wallpaper and detailed hardware.

Butlers Pantry - our client had a specific inspo she fell in love with that had wallpaper visible behind glass cabinet doors...such a fun way to add character and interest!

Craft Room - the lady of the home requested a craft room upstairs in the build process that would be a special place for her to do all her scrapbooking and gift wrapping and she wanted it full of bright color and natural light. She wanted a secret entrance through the back of a wardrobe to make it that much more personalized...this is going to be a fun one! The wallpaper set the tone for so much color and we love it!

That's all the detail we can share for now...maybe this will have to be a two part blog series as the progress continues!

Are you in process with a custom build or another design project? We would love to chat! Reach out via our contact form or book a video session with us to get started.

Have any questions about our Tennessee custom build? Comment below and let us know!


Realm Team


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