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Remote Projects - Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays!

How on earth is it already September?! I don't know about you, but this year has absolutely flown by. We're starting to think about hosting again and getting everything in perfect condition for the holidays. If you (like us) have been putting off getting your living room, guest room, or that little nook off the kids' room ready to host again, look no further, we're here to help!

We have opened up some slots for remote design - yay! Remote design is a great way to get a game plan of how to get a space pulled together when you want to handle the ordering and placing of items yourself. It saves you some money, but gives you the confidence you need to pull the trigger on purchasing items to make your space feel complete!

We worked on a remote project with Lauren and Chris Lane for their son Dutton back in 2021 so we will show you the steps we went through with them to give you an idea of how it works. We started with concepts to nail down the design direction, then drew up a 3D model of their space to show them exactly what the end result would look like, and then placed all of the orders from Pottery Barn to make their dream a reality! The remote design we completed with them turned out so beautifully that it even made it into People Magazine - here's the article if you want to take a closer look!

- How a Full Remote Design Works -

Concepts. We start with a round of concept boards to nail down the design direction and determine what you are liking + not liking to ensure we are headed in the right style from the start. We send these over and ask for as much feedback as possible.

Lauren + Chris Lane Concept Board

Renderings. Once we have your feedback from the concept boards, we implement your "likes" into the 3D renderings. These are to-scale drawings showing you how everything will look in your space. They're extremely helpful, especially when you have a hard time visualizing.

Lane's Nursery Floor Plan

Lane's Crib Rendering

Lane's Daybed Rendering

Ordering. Once all items are selected, we will send you the links to place orders directly. Remote design is a more "DIY" version of our services, so you place the orders yourself, and as items come in, you use the renderings to place everything in your space.

Final Result! Here are the final images from the Lane's nursery design - isn't it fun to see how closely they resemble the original renderings?

Halli Makennah Photography

Halli Makennah Photography

- Remote Design Packages -

Different clients + spaces require different levels of design, so we have 3 remote design packages to best fit your project.

Package 1 - starting at $500. This is for the client who really just needs a starting point to get going in the right direction. In this package, we will ask that you send over a few photos that inspire you to get us started. We will pull together a variety of additional inspirational photos as well as source retail items that would help you create that look. When selecting this package, you feel confident that you can figure out the correct scale needed for your space as well as selecting which items from the variety we send you that you would like to see together.

Package 2 - starting at $1,000. This package builds on the first to include a few options for your space, however, it gives a little more direction. In package 2, we will send you two different collections of items that would all work great together in your space, and then you have the freedom to purchase those exact items or find similar items to adjust the look. This option also includes a floor plan of your space to ensure you are selecting items in the correct scale. The floor plan will also help you with the placement of items once you begin ordering and receiving items.

Package 3 - starting at $2,000. This is the most guided remote design package and the best option if you need to see exactly what everything would look like before making purchases. Package 3 would go through all of the steps we went through when working with Lauren and Chris Lane. We would start with one round of concepts - you would then give us as much feedback as you can so we have a clear direction moving into the 3D renderings. We will send you a measuring guide for your space so we can draw a 3D model to include the exact items for you to purchase. The 3D renderings and retail links of each item will then be sent to you for you to purchase + place on your own. This package includes one round of each step, if you need more visuals or additional options, revisions will be billed at $150/hour.

Need even more? We would love to chat with you about a full-service design! Fill out our contact form to give us the information we need to schedule a free 15-minute consultation call!

I look forward to hearing from you!



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