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New Year...New Services!

There's something about January that always kicks things into gear...whether it be new routines, a fresh list of goals, or a variety of change - the new year has that effect on most of us! At the beginning of each year, Caitlin and I take this opportunity to do some business planning and mapping out a list of things we want to tackle - we got a bit of a head start for 2024 and wanted to kick off January by announcing our first big launch of the year....


Video Sessions!

For the second half of 2023 we began to notice a hole in our service offerings based on the inquiries we were receiving and we wanted to add a design service that would not only cater to this client but also be a unique option for a variety of different needs. Video Sessions will be booked with both Caitlin and myself directly on our website and will be one hour in length - this hour can be utilized for whatever would be most helpful to each individual client and project. While one client might need an hour to hash out all of their creative ideas with a professional team, the next client might need an hour to review the budget and design plan they have put together but haven't executed yet, and the next client might be considering a large scale renovation and needs a design team to review the construction plans in the early phases. The answer to all of these needs? Video sessions! We are honestly so excited about the endless options this design service can provide for our clients!

Another way we anticipate utilizing this service is for our remote client inquiries that are outside of the Nashville and San Diego areas. Because these are video calls we are able to see your space, give active feedback and ideas and if needed, we can create a more catered design service package for your individual project at the end of our call.

We also have "add on" options such as "Pinterest + Inspiration Review" and "Meeting Notes After Session" that a client can select based on their specific needs as well so we truly believe this is an excellent option for nearly anyone! It is as close to a "one size fits all" as we can get in our industry, so lets start designing far and wide and don't hesitate to reach out with anything you are dreaming up!

So cheers to the NEW YEAR with NEW SERVICES! We can't wait to serve our amazing clients in a new way and look forward to all of the projects we get to see come from video sessions.

Book your session today by clicking HERE!


Hannah + Caitlin


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