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It's All in the Details...

Great design is simply a compilation of really great details. Sounds elementary but if you take a closer look at any room that has captured your attention or been pinned on your inspiration board on Pinterest you'll notice that it's the details of each image or space you walk in to that grabs your eye. Whether it's the coziness of the furniture, or the color scheme of a bedroom, or maybe a vintage piece that brings character to a room - details matter! It's this reason why architecture blows my mind and I get excited over cabinet hardware - and yes, I can easily obsess over little accents that most people might overlook. But in efforts to win more people over to becoming "detail loving" design nerds like myself, I have gathered a few beautiful shots to show you how it truly is all in the details.

Detail #1 - The Entry

Your entryway (both exterior and interior) should represent your style and set the tone for the rest of your home. Think of it as giving your guests the "first impression rose" ...for all you Bachelor watching folk. It can be a fun doormat, a potted plant by your door, or a beautifully styled entry table for people to set their keys on when they come in. I love thinking of your doorway as a frame - when you open that door what is the first thing you and your guests see? Make it pretty & make it your own.

Detail #2 - Lighting

Lighting seems to be the overlooked "icing on the cake" - most newer homes have recessed lighting while the classic "boob light" can still be seen in most older homes. What we often find is that people don't realize what a huge impact decorative lighting can make in any room. It can be adding statement pendant lights in your kitchen, or a picture sconce over a beautiful piece of art, or even updating those builder standard hallway lights that are an eye sore. It doesn't have to break the bank - there a million options on the market these days that are as beautiful as they are budget friendly. Some of our favorite go to's for budget friendly lighting are West Elm, CB2, & All Modern.

Detail #3 - Accessories

Shelves, built-ins, table tops - accessorizing can either make it or break it! No need to feel the pressure though - these details are a perfect opportunity to show off your individual style and represent what you love. A few things to keep in mind as you style up your home....keep it simple, have a "common denominator", and don't overthink it. Whether you choose a color palette to accessorize around, or you have a more collected vibe - make sure that each item is cohesive and feels like it goes well together. Play around with different heights, textures, and various sized objects and always remember that less is more. Have fun!

I hope these few tips & inspo shots have inspired you to take a closer look at the details in your home - this just barely scratches the surface and we can't wait to share more!

~ Hannah

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