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Holiday Greenery How To's & Go To's

Here at Realm Design Co. we LOVE to decorate with organic, earthy touches to mix in elements of life and nature. Especially around the holiday season it is so fun and easy to use greenery, grasses, and feathers to deck your mantles, tables, and shelves. Check out some inspo shots below!

For an easy go-to look magnolia leaves provide a classic and elegant option.

Styling & Decor by Studio Mcgee

Eucalyptus is a tried and true favorite and perfect for mantles in a chunky garland.

Eucalyptus Garland by Oleander + Palm

Pampas grass is a year round beauty but also ideal for holiday decor!

Styling by Michelle Rogers

I'm crazy over feathers this year - both for fall and Christmas!

Styling by Relish Decor

I don't know about you but i'm feeling the itch to decorate for the holidays so much earlier this year and i'm not fighting it. Time to go out and deck those halls ladies & gents. Tag us (@realmdesignco) in your pics of the holiday decor in YOUR home - we can't wait to see!




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