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Getting to Know Hannah

Anyone else spend their growing up years hooked on shows like "Trading Spaces" or "While You Were Out"? Or of course, the infamous, "Extreme Makeover : Home Edition " that never left a dry eye in the living room? Perhaps this was the beginning of my inkling that interior design would be somewhere in my future. If it wasn't seen in my tv show spread, it would have been easily spotted in the evening hours at our family's desktop computer where my brother and I would have friendly competitions on who could create the coolest floor plan via early 2000's PC programs. Design has always been the thing I could spend endless hours investing into with zero feelings of boredom.

Over the years my style and "design eye" have definitely evolved - can I get an amen?! Thankfully, I graduated from my childhood bedroom cloud covered walls and would now peg myself somewhere in the land of "modern california" design style. Bright, simple, and casual mixed with clean lines and organic textiles. But don't be fooled, I can be very easily distracted by any design style that captures creativity and well thought out details. Here are a few pics that have me feeling all sorts of inspired!

Leave a comment and tell me what design styles you love the most!



Pic Via "The House of Silver Lining"

Pic via "H&M Home Spring 2017"

Pic Via "Faulkner Architects"


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