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2019 - Here We Come!

There's something about a new year that brings heightened motivation, excitement, and organization to create the perfect foundation for a successful year. Yesterday Hannah + I filled out our new 2019 planners, and notebooks full of all of our ideas and dreams we want to accomplish this next year. We then began formulating how we were going to make our dreams a reality. We are so excited to see what this year brings and are motivated to work hard to make it all happen. There are a few things that I'm hoping to see more of in 2019...

Swings in living spaces, this is definitely something that should be happening more, I mean, come on, how dreamy?!

Built in cabinetry flanking a fireplace is always a wonderful idea. I'm loving white airy spaces with touches of warmth through wood and leather - also, olive green accents are quickly becoming an obsession of mine.

Burnt orange sofas, abstract art, and cacti... the cactus love may come from my recent road trip to Sedona, Arizona - still, they're lovely. Also, layering rugs, let's do LOTS of that this year!

Dining banquette seating has always been a love of mine, but this year, I would absolutely love to do other built in seating, love this cozy built in nook in Mandy Moore's home!

I will end with this... handmade dishes and pottery. Again, possibly inspired by the little mining town and handmade pottery in Jerome, Arizona last week - but the character and unique qualities of each piece is amazing, let's do lots of this in 2019.

What more would you like to see from us this year? Let us know in the comments!




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