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Why Should I Hire a Designer to Manage My Project?

As a full-service interior design firm, we at Realm Design Co. pride ourselves on making the design process as seamless as possible from the moment we start the design all the way to the final details in styling. Once the design is complete we often are asked, "Why would we pay you all to manage the project if we have a general contractor managing as well?" Great question!

Why You Should Hire Your Designer to Manage the Implementation Process

We spend many hours intentionally choosing tiles, fixtures, lighting, hardware, etc. that will all blend well together to create a space that you will love for years to come. Once you start placing orders and getting timelines scheduled with contractors, you will most definitely run into a hiccup along the way - it's inevitable. Thankfully, we are aware of issues that may (and will) arise and are ready with quick solutions to keep your project moving in a positive direction.

There are many measurements that come into play when implementing a design as well. Heights of shelving, art, where to place the shower fixtures - these are all details that can unexpectedly change the design drastically if not placed correctly. We always include as many measurements as possible in a contractor packet, however, double-checking between us and the contractor is always a best practice.

Professional problem-solvers. Enough said. We, not so jokingly, chat among our team that we are professional problem solvers ready to tackle any challenge thrown at us. Let's face it, remodeling can be (and many times is) stressful. We take that stress off your plate and bring solutions to you rather than problems. With us being involved, contractors will let us know about the random pipe they found making removing the wall no longer an option, or that the plumbing fixtures are being delayed another month, or even the wrong tub being delivered and that the original is now back-ordered for 3 months rather than you. Trust us, when you are in the middle of a remodel and emotions tend to be heightened, it's much more productive and calming to be brought the solutions to a problem rather than "What do you want us to do?" leaving the options up to you.

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Realm Design Co.'s Levels of Project Management

All levels of project management include weekly updates via our project management platform with delivery schedules + time remaining on your retainer. These are options for our team to be on-site for your project.

- Weekly Meetings -

This option would involve the most involvement from our team. We would set a reoccurring meeting in the calendar during construction to stop by and take a look at all details. We would be there to catch any details that are off at the moment, making sure the project is running smoothly. Most of the time these meetings would only be about 15-20 minutes depending on the level of questions from contractor + client each week.

- Bi-Weekly or Monthly Meetings -

This option is a middle ground and our most popular. We would have a recurring meeting in the calender either bi-weekly or monthly to check in on details from the past few weeks and help with any solutions for issues that may have arisen. Contractors will update us with any questions they have in between meetings and then meetings are used for hands-on solutions, checking layouts and measurements.

- As Needed Meetings -

This option leaves most of the communication up to you. You let us know when you would like us to stop by and we will schedule something. Keep in mind, our schedule is usually planned a week or so out so ample notice is important. We will be available via phone if needed, however, most of the detail checking will be left to you and we are here to help as you have questions arise.

Do you have questions about a project you're getting ready to start? We're here to help! Schedule a consultation call with us to chat details of how our process works from design to ordering to implementation.


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