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The Design Process: What it's Like Working with Realm Design Co.

New projects are a huge opportunity to get the creative juices flowing and push the limits with a new design. Hannah and I can spend hours and hours and hours pulling new products, building up fresh 3D models, and laying out all the pretty patterns once we have our hands on a project. Have you ever thought of working with an interior designer? We constantly get the question, "How does this all work anyway?" and we realized with such a frequent question, we are sure there are other people wondering. While every interior designer works a little differently, we can explain to you how we, Realm Design Co., tackle projects.

- First Things First -

What's your space like? Is there anything you want to keep? Or, are we starting from scratch? There are so many things that are important when we first begin to talk about a new space with clients. Lots of different factors weigh in and dictate how we are going to work moving forward. We love the opportunity to meet in your space and talk about how it's functionally working now, what you envision for the space, and all your dreams of what will take place there. Once we have a good feel of the space, we send you an estimate of the number of hours we will spend on the design to include - 3D renderings, furniture specifications, wallpaper, paint colors, lighting, etc.

- The Design Phase -

Once we get rollin' on the design, we send over a Niice board full of inspiration as well as some specifications for your space. We use this program to nail down the design direction and make sure we are all on the same page with what exactly you are hoping the space to end up feeling like. We also use this to make sure we are as efficient as possible with our time, and don't waste time redoing drawings over and over again. The model of your space will be built up by the time we are done discussing the Niice board, and we will begin implementation of exact products into your drawings.

- The Presentation -

Once the drawings are complete, specifications pulled together, and samples collected, we schedule a presentation with you in your home or office. In this time, we dive into drawings showing exactly what your space would look like in the end and note any changes you would like made at this point. We show you samples of tiles, fabrics, or wallpapers and finalize the perfect pieces!

- Purchasing + Installation -

While every project is different, we LOVE to be involved and help you with your project all the way to final installation. We understand everyone is working within different budgets, and are happy to have you purchase and install if you would prefer, but we thrive on organizing all of the details whether that be purchase orders, delivery schedules, or what installers we need onsite each day.

- Styling + Photography -

Once all of the pieces are delivered and placed, it's all left to the details. Fresh greenery, curated items on each shelf, and the perfect throw pillows are the last step to elevate your design. Helping you finish off each room with those final items fuels our souls! We also love to have one of our very talented photographers capture your space to show it off the best way possible.

Questions? Have a space you want us to help you with? Reach out, we would LOVE to hear from you!

XO, Caitlin


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