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Remote Design to Keep Us Connected While We Stay Apart

Let's be real, this is not a "vacation" or time off at home that we were all looking forward to. And while the world can be filled with fear and uncertainty of what will come in the following days, weeks, and months, we are finding that keeping some routine and normalcy is a great way to keep ourselves sane.

Hannah and I both are following all of the guidelines for slowing the spread of this COVID-19 and are staying home, which means we aren't together either, which is SO WEIRD, but we are beyond grateful for the extra time with family, and advanced technology that allows us to work as if we were together every day. When we work on any project, we do spend a lot of time working on them remotely normally, so working completely remote is not a huge change for us.

How Does Remote Design Work?

I'm glad you asked! When we start any project, we always start with a phone call. We want to hear a little more about what you are wanting help with, and we want to really talk through our process and pricing to make sure we are equally a good fit for each other. We then typically go into an in-person consultation in your home so we can get a feel for the space and talk through ideas we have right off the bat, however, since that's not possible right now, thankfully technology allows us to receive a video tour from you. We ask that you send us a video, walking through the areas you are needing help with and explaining what you do and don't like about it currently.

Once we have all decided this will be a great team to design your home, we will send over a measuring guide to help you measure your space so that we have all the information we need to really create the most functional as well as beautiful design.

We then will begin working on concept design boards with images and some specifications for your space with an interactive program that allows us to comment back and forth about ideas you are liking, and others that you would rather avoid.

All the feedback you give us will be very helpful for us to nail the final design the first time. We will be building up a 3D model of your home while you are giving us feedback, so as soon as we fully understand the direction you are wanting to go, we will implement everything into the drawings so you can see it all in your room!

Once we recieve approval from you on the drawings and all of the selected items, we will send over all of the links in the same format of the initial concept boards so that you can purchase and install everything while you're being safe and staying home!

We LOVE to see your install + progress photos! Here is the latest update we received from our Feelin' Fancy Farmhouse! Beams are installed, bed and rug in place, there are still lots of items on their way, yet these progress photos are so exciting!

We would love to hear from you! What projects are you thinking about tackling while we make the best of this stay at home time? No project is too big, or too small to design remotely!

We hope you are all staying safe out there and cannot wait to see what designs we come up with together these next few weeks!




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