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Makeover May : Outdoor Edition

May is one of my favorite months. It is personally filled with so many celebrations my bank account can barely survive but for someone like me, the ultimate celebrator, this is a thrilling month. From four family birthdays to Mother's day to my wedding anniversary - the entertaining opportunities are practically endless and if there is one thing I love to do it's to host a good party!

As the summer months start rounding the corner I start to dream of all the backyard gatherings just waiting to be had - fully complete with grilled meats, corn on the cob, and late evening sunsets. In the spirit of these dreams I thought I would gather some easy DIY (or not) upgrades that can be done to your outdoor space in preparation for all those summer night soirees.

Market Light Magic

Lighting makes a world of difference. It's no coincidence that every romantic restaurant setting includes dim lighting! Market lights are a fast and easy way to upgrade any outdoor space and are an extremely budget friendly option that makes a big impact.


Have a shade issue? Need a more defined area for furniture or dining? Get a pergola! We recently purchased one from Target for a client for a really great price and it made the space.

Firepit Fridays

Yes, I may have coined this term but shouldn't it be a thing? You can't tell me this isn't a good idea. Smores, guitars, hot dogs...I LOVE a good bonfire. While this may be a little bit of a heftier project to DIY it is possible!


Potted plants, blooming flowers, climbing vines...there a million ways to add your personality into your landscaping to transform your outdoor space & set the atmosphere for entertaining. Don't let it overwhelm you to spend thousands of dollars on rare plant species - head to your local nursery or home depot and grab a few new plant babies, I promise a little goes a long way!


Yes, this may be a little beyond the DIY level for most of us, but I love how outdoor flooring options can transform a space. From tiling to decking to meandering walkways with pavers or stone steps the possibilities are endless!


Whether you have 10 acres of land or 10 square feet of patio space you can always benefit from outdoor furniture. Ikea, Target, CB2, Wayfair - all gold mines for all the styles and all the budget friendly options. Do yourself a favor.

I hope this inspires you to spruce up the outdoor area that you have so you can start planning those parties! Life is better when we do it with other people.





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