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Lovin' Las Vegas - Winter Market

Las Vegas World Market Center is such a magical location for so many reasons. As interior designers, we see pretty pieces all the time, but having such inspiration in one place, 3 buildings with 10+ floors each... DREAMY. I want to share a couple of my favorite finds while we were there to hopefully inspire you as well.

Handmade Pottery + Dishes

Come on... how could you not fall in love? Also, partially glazed pottery is a huge obsession of mine currently. Give me all the handmade cups and plates.

Knot Rugs, Jute Rugs, + Pretty Patterns

Pretty sure I will never get over the large knot or "Dot Rugs" as I have been referring to them. These below white, braided rugs are also such a pretty texture to layer with something soft and patterned - layering rugs is a trend that I can definitely be behind.


Indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, and light fixtures made of rattan have definitely exploded in the last year and they can add the PERFECT texture and warmness to spaces.

Leather Sofas!

Leather sofas are seen in all shapes and styles... whether it be rich browns or soft caramel tones, leather is such a beautiful way to warm up a living room or elevate an office space.

Abstract Art

Especially with mustards, burnt oranges, and simply just black and white. They are perfect accent pieces to any entry way, living room, or even over a bed.

Room Dividing Book Shelves

Many showrooms had a variety of bookshelves that were perfect solutions to dividing a room without having to get construction involved. Bookshelf dividers are a great way t0 create a feeling of separation without closing off light to a space too much.

I cannot wait to see what the next Las Vegas Market has to offer, it's always so inspiring to see new products, then come back home and implement them in projects.




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