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Kitchen Designs That Make Us Drool

The possibilities are endless when starting a kitchen remodel. Countertops, tile, shelving, layout, lighting, flooring, hardware, etc. Such a fun and exciting project to embark on, however, it can also be overwhelming to decide where to start. I'm going to walk through some of my favorite designs I have been seeing lately and maybe it will spark inspiration for your upcoming design!

Black cabinetry is a bold statement that's sure to stay. While all white kitchens are timeless, black is another classic look that is sure to be a show stopper.

Colored cabinetry is also a huge statement being made right now. While this could be such an incredible way to make your kitchen stand out, be careful and make sure the color you choose is something you will love forever. Sticking with dusty colors is probably a safe bet - take a look at this beautiful kitchen designed by Emily Henderson for their Portland project.

Did you notice the details in the hardware she chose from Rejuvenation? Selecting hardware that has more detail, and is not just a streamline option can elevates the design from average pretty kitchen, to jaw dropping spot to be.

Open shelving has made a massive appearance lately, and we are all for it! While it can be scary to expose some of your dishes and mugs, it can also add all the character. It gives you an opportunity to be intentional with the pieces you are bringing into your home, and holds you accountable for keeping them in their place.

Going back to lovin' on the black finishes, how do you feel about black countertops? Scary or exciting? Hannah and I have been personally loving the idea. It adds a bold statement without darkening your space as much as full cabinetry would.

Massive islands are catalysts for hanging out in the kitchen chatting with a glass of wine while the host cooks. The countertops chosen for these spaces without a doubt can lead to a beautiful design all on it's own, however, imagine if you went a step further and chose an interesting tile to line the front of it?!

An interesting backsplash doesn't mean it has to be over the top in colors + design. This crayon tile laid vertically creates the perfect amount of interest and subtly. Absolutely love.

One final design I have been loving - I feel like this would be perfect for an out-of-the-box AirBNB that people are lined up to stay at. Couldn't you see yourself staying somewhere with an awesome kitchen like this?

What's your dream kitchen look like? Do any of these trends speak to you? We would love to hear from you!




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