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Kid's Spaces - All things Imaginary, Dress Up, and Artsy

After setting up all the adorable things from Maisonette and Ruby Rye for Emmy Tolbert's room yesterday, I cannot stop thinking about how magical a little kids room can be. If you missed the sneak peeks of her room, check out our highlights on Instagram! When you're a kid, everything is exciting and the sky's the limit with your imagination, so your bedroom should be a place of enhancing those creative juices, right?

As a kid, I would have loved to have a swing in my room. Swings are a huge trend right now - indoor, outdoor, kid size, and adult size - I am all about it! This incredible kid's room designed by Viktoria is the perfect combination of imaginative wallpaper, neutral toys, and of course a perfectly placed swing.

Wallpaper is back and such a game changer. Paint is a great way to create a statement in a room, but come on, nothing can touch wallpaper. Look at how this whimsical woodland wallpaper (love me a good alliteration) takes this little girls room from overly neutral to oozing with cuteness.

Have an adventurer on your hands? If you're not sure you want to install wallpaper, this huge map hanging is such a sweet way to cover the wall. I also cannot get over the pattern on these sheets - adorable!

Absolutely drooling over this forrest of a bedroom. Kid's beds with the house frame on the floor has got to be one of my favorite new trends. It's safer for kids rolling out of beds in the middle of the night and it's just so darn cute. Check out Ruby Rye if you are in the market for one! This wallpaper is everything, and the neutrals to balance it out is perfect. If you have a chance, check out Irina Pushko's Instagram, it's incredible!

The last thing we have been seeing a lot of is teepees and tents in kids' spaces. Emmy's new room has an adorable lace and pom-pom lined tent, finished with floral garland - to die for! This space feels so much cozier with the olive green tent framing the headboard of the bed.

What's you + your kid's dream space look like? Are you into wallpaper or would you rather stick with a massive wallhanging? We would love to hear!




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