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JF Chen - An Antique Heaven

Our first stop in the lengthy line up of showroom gold in Los Angeles was a 2-story industrial warehouse known as JF Chen. One would never know of this unassuming corner lot and the wealth of goodies inside unless you were on the hunt and knew what you were after. I had scoped out a few preview pics online before our trip so I had a slight hint at what was waiting for us, but what we walked in to was mind blowing! Visual overload in all the best ways. From furniture, to art, to decor and beyond - this was a vintage jackpot. We slowly meandered our way through each square foot of the building and found ourselves greeted by "shop pups" at what seemed like every corner. Smart business move if you ask me - just add a cute dog to the mix and i'll sign the check. Caitlin and I agreed that the bar was set pretty high after leaving this place - we can't WAIT to come back and source one of a kind beauties for our projects that will undoubtedly be a showstopper in any home.

Who else out there loves antique/vintage find shopping and where are your favorite places to go??



If you can believe it, this is just ONE corner of ONE floor. The inventory at JF Chen is insane!

I loved all the vintage artwork sprinkled throughout the showroom. So rad!

Girls gotta love all the ceramics and pottery!

The quality of each piece was so impressive. I also loved how they displayed the pieces in conversational settings.

More fun, vintage art!

One of many shop pups that threw down some serious antique knowledge.

Every corner, all the pieces - so. much. gold.

One of my favorite gatherings was this tabletop collection of jumbo ceramics. Perfect for any display indoors or out!


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