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Inspired by Italy - A Year Later

Can we still say Happy New Year, or has that passed by January 12th? It's been a little over a year since I returned from my Italy honeymoon and I was scrolling through images with a deep desire to pull inspiration from my trip this year. 2024 goal - more detail, more marble + more mosaics!

We took off on our Italian honeymoon in November 2022, very excited to eat great food, see great sites, + of course drink great wine. What I shockingly didn't anticipate was how much inspiration I would feel coming home from this trip - should have been a no-brainer, but hey, I was just coming down from planning a wedding.

We landed in Rome and started our trip with a tour of the Vatican city - WOW. The amount of detail through these museums is almost incomprehensible. The walls, floors, ceiling are just covered inch by inch of paints, statues + mosaics.

While I think it might be a little... or a lot... overwhelming to detail out every square inch of our homes, I think there are some really cool aspects that can be pulled from these images. Wallpaper on ceilings + ceiling details in general. Many times lighting is the only detail that is seen when you look up in a space. In 2024 let's aim for more with ceiling details let that be beams, moldings + definitely wallpaper.

Ceiling Moldings - this space feels so much more finished and thought out with the addition of moldings on the ceiling. It's a small detail that makes an immense impact.

Here in the United States, I feel like marble can be a scary material for clients - it can stain if you don't take care of it properly, however, the character a true marble can bring to a design is unmatched. In Italy, it feels like there is endless marble - countertops, statues, trims, it's everywhere!

The hotel we stayed at in Rome had absolutely gorgeous details, including marble trims around the doorways - I was utterly obsessed and would love to integrate this detail into my future home someday... maybe post-kids with sharpies.

There were also marble remnants used in the old street food market booths of Pompeii. If marble can last hundreds of years buried under ash and smothered in food, we can make it happen here too!

More of this this year... who's down? Bold, dramatic + unique marbles - loving these countertop details!

I'm clearly digging the marble trim lately - the trim around these doorways with the step detail in the marble + the complimenting fluted detail - to die for!

I could go on and on and on about this trip + the inspiration that could be pulled from it, but I'll stop here. The ideas are flowing and we're diving into new projects full of inspiration - reach out if you're ready to tackle something fun this year! Remember, we launched video sessions last week + are loving the response, let's book something to chat about your project!




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