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Galerie Half : A Museum of Home Perfection

If there was ever a perfect display of home decor + furniture in art gallery form it would be Galerie Half. Caitlin and I stumbled upon this gem on Melrose Avenue and quickly became enchanted by not only the quality and beauty of each item but the way everything was displayed in such a minimalistic "gallery" style. One thing that I specifically appreciate is the intentionality behind each piece and the effort it takes to gather such a perfectly curated collection of items. Also, the smell of this place! Burning incense, lit candles in every corner - all things contributing to the ambiance of a must-see retail shop in the busy neighborhood of Hollywood. I don't know about you but when I think of an "antique shop" I think musty, dark corners and overstuffed inventory rooms of items needing a little extra TLC. Galerie Half is the exact opposite. The team there have pulled together not only a stunning collection of quality antique finds, but they have created a space to display them that anyone would want to get lost inside of for days on end. We can't wait to go back!

What is the best antique find that you've found and where did you find it? Drop us a comment below!




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