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Emmy Tolbert's Magical Big Girl Room

As soon as we first walked through this room we knew the design of it was going to be a fun process. Jade & Tanner wanted this room not only to function as a "big girl" bedroom for sweet little Emmy but also a fun playroom where she could explore, play, and be in a fun & creative space. They were open to color but didn't want it to feel overly girly as they envisioned the space to be a playroom for baby Brooks as he grew too. As we dove into this design we were thrilled to partner with Maisonette and their endlessly adorable inventory of everything kid related!

The bedroom when we started out had one major need...STORAGE. As anyone who has been around children knows, you can never have enough places to hide things. Furniture wise we had a blank slate but the room did present a few design challenges. As you can see in the photos this room had FIVE windows, so deciding how the room would be laid out took a few rounds of ideas once we got into the renderings. Check out these before photos and keep reading to see the solutions we came up with!

Using 3D renderings of the space helped massively to not only envision how each item would feel in the room but also acted as the perfect tool for all of our layout challenges as well. We played with a few different ideas as we narrowed down the exact pieces that would go in the room - but in the end, decided to have the "bed wall" be on the wall with the two windows - which ended up being perfect with the house bed frame we selected! By positioning the bed on the far wall, we opened up the center of the room for a little play table for Emmy to draw or do puzzles and created three other "stations" on the remaining two walls - a dress-up area, a reading tent, and a kitchen! Take a peek at how the renderings show everything exactly to scale before we began placing orders.

Since we did a wall detail in Brooks' room we wanted to do something fun with color in Emmy's room too and landed on this design with only painting the top third of the walls & ceiling. We used Sherwin Williams Aquaverde and found it to be the perfect shade that was playful but not overly girly.

As items started to arrive we had a few fun install days getting this setup - we love these days as we get to see our renderings come to life! Here's a peek into the building of Emmy's full-size house bed frame from Ruby Rye Co!

After this partial install, we had half of the items installed in Emmy's room and we did a little reveal for her was the cutest thing, she walked in and said "oh wow!". Luckily Tanner caught it on video for your viewing pleasure.

The final install was everything we hoped it would turn out to be and more! With such a long room we were able to fit two 8x10 sized rugs in here to add playfulness to the space. Since we decided to do a little play table with animal chairs in the middle of the room we also added this alphabet rug in a soft blush color to help define that area. For the entry sidewall, we used two tall bookshelves to frame the most stylish play kitchen we've ever seen - and it was a HIT with Emmy. She's only 2 years old and already a chef in training. Another secret storage solution was the pouf ottoman we added to pull in more pink tones and it has a secret zipper in the middle of it that you can fill the whole thing with toys or blankets! For the chandelier, we added this beaded pendant to add texture and a little boho flair for a sweet finishing touch.

For one of our storage solutions, we placed two of these 3 drawer chests on either side of Emmy's bed and they worked out perfectly! We added acrylic floating shelves above each chest for a cute display for bedtime stories. The swan bedding from Maisonette was the most darling touch for Emmy's bed as well.

For the other side of the room, we chose to do an adorable lace-trimmed tent with a tufted cushion inside and a clothes rail for all of her costumes. Jade and Tanner already had this cactus framed art and it ended up working perfectly in this room and as a fun focal point on this large wall. Maisonette was so sweet and wanted to send Emmy a few extra costumes (tutu, crown, glitter princess cape) to add to her collection - she was over the moon!

We had the best time creating this fun and playful space for Emmy to enjoy and hopefully spend lots of time in! Whether it's a nursery, a kid's room, or another space in your home that you need help with we would love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for next Monday's room reveal of Jade and Tanner's Master Bedroom. and all the behind the scenes details - we love having you follow along!




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