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Catch Me at Custom

Most people believe that doing custom work in your home is only possible if you have an unlimited budget and endless resources. A common misconception! Of course, the beauty in custom work is that the sky is the limit and creativity in the design has free reign but there are so many custom details available for budget friendly projects and even renters. Whichever custom detail you choose it is guaranteed to elevate your home and score major design points.

Built in Seating

Wether it's a cozy sofa, a banquet bench for a breakfast nook, or a whole wall unit of seating, built in options can add function and beauty in the best of ways.


Can't find the right piece for your space? You might be surprised by the cost of custom furniture - sometimes very comparable to retail pricing for your local mid to high end furniture suppliers. The best part? You get to design exactly what you want and need!


There are multiple ways you can add custom details to a staircase in your home. Custom railings are potentially my favorite staircase detail but another amazing option is selecting a custom carpet as a runner to make a statement.


Bedrooms, Hallways, Dining Rooms, Entries - you can never go wrong with adding custom paneling to elevate the feel of any room. It can be a simple and timeless addition that makes a statement without stealing the show. When in doubt - just do it!

Are you Renting??? Keep reading!


Make a quick swap out with a stylish new plug in light fixture and make that rental really feel like home! There are so many options on the market these days for light fixtures that won't break the bank and won't require any electrical work.

Cabinet Hardware

Can someone say Anthropologie?! They have such unique hardware available in their retail stores and their inventory doesn't even scratch the surface of what you can find online to fit whatever style fits your home. Swap out that cheap, standard rental hardware in your kitchen and bathrooms and add that custom flair to your space.

What is YOUR favorite custom detail?? Let us know in the comments!




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