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Cane, Wicker, + Rattan

We all know that styles come and go - one style that is back (hopefully for good) is everything cane, wicker, and rattan! Peacock chairs, bookshelves, baskets for the wall, and even purses are making a huge comeback in these materials and I am definitely here for it!

Personally, I think daybeds are essential for every home - Anthropologie makes stand out options that you can't go wrong with. This pretty option would be perfect suited for a sunroom, guest bedroom, or even as a place to lay down in a nursery.

This cane bed would be the perfect addition to warm up a bedroom. Paired with fluffy bedding, some hanging lights, and a plush rug - that's what dreams are made of!

What do you think of this vintage rattan bookshelf? A stunning piece like this is just asking to display all of your collected cookbooks, travel tokens, and plants - a boho must!

Yellows and oranges are definitely a hot color right now - perfect pops of color that make a home feel very warm. This entry way rattan bench is paired seamlessly with abstract art to make a statement as guests enter.

If you're not ready to commit to a full piece of furniture in rattan or cane, artwork or a framed mirror could be a simple touch to incorporate some texture - it's also easier to switch out if you are a person that likes to change it up consistently.

What's your favorite way to incorporate rattan, cane, or wicker?




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