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Becca Tilley Install - Round One

Install days have to be one of my favorite days of any project. Initial drawings and design concepts being compiled to get started is also very exciting, but the adrenaline that comes with pulling a final design together and seeing 3D renderings come to life... absolutely magical. We spent two days up in Los Angeles last week unrolling rugs, coordinating wallpaper installation, and styling shelves in an effort to blow Becca away when she walked in her home after a long Europe trip. The final install and photography will take place towards the end of March once the rest of the items are delivered, but we thought we would show a couple of progress photos and sneak peeks of the project so far.

Living Room

Rich leathers, soft and cozy light rug, and textural cabinets create the perfect neutral space to unwind after a long day.

Dining Room

For the dining room, we wanted to balance rich textures with a modern, acrylic chair and pops of gold. Incorporating a buffet from her last place, we installed shelves above to add storage and create a way to show off some pretty dishes and accessories.


The office was the first room we tackled, and one of our favorites! A one of a kind vintage rug, pops of greenery, and the perfect desk create a space full of inspiration. A massive mirror is on the way and will finish off the space beautifully!

Master Bedroom

Her master bedroom is still waiting on some big items, so it still has a large transformation coming, however, we had wallpaper installed and it was a game changer!

These are only progress photos, we cannot wait to share final images once the project is professionally photographed. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!




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