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Becca Tilley : Before + After

One of our favorite parts of our job is getting to see the design of a room go from nothing to everything! We love having the privilege of seeing a space come to life as it goes from a conceptual idea in our minds to an actual reality that our clients get to enjoy for years to come. We're so excited to open up some of the behind the scenes photos from our project with Becca Tilley for ya'll to see how this process evolved to become the final reveal that we are so proud of.

The Living Room

When we first started chatting with Becca she was actually living in a different home and our design started with just tackling her home office space. About a month into our talks she let us know that she decided to move to a larger space and that she wanted help with the whole place! We couldn't have been more excited!! Not only was this new location more room to play with but it was the perfect blank canvas for us to work off of. Wood flooring & white walls are our jam and makes a solid foundation to design around. When tackling the main living area we knew that Becca wanted cozy neutrals with a feminine twist ...emphasis on the cozy. The room had a massive window that brought in incredible natural light but the design challenge was that the room was long and narrow - which often creates tricky obstacles. We wanted the seating options to face towards the tv wall but also provide ample additional seating for entertaining. We played with many different layouts and scaled in a variety of furniture pieces to find the perfect fit that covered all of our bases. We landed on using the sofa that she already had but pairing it with lots of lighter pieces to soften the overall design. We opted for base cabinets in the wall niches and added floating shelves and wall sconces for a unique design touch that came out exactly as we had hoped! The result of this room was the perfect neutral layering dream and we're so happy that Becca loves it as much as we do. Here are a few pics of the before...the renderings...and the after!

The Dining Room

Although it was a smaller space, we really wanted to provide Becca a full size space where she could host dinner parties and have plenty of seating to sit down for a meal. She had a large wall map piece and a rustic wood sideboard from her previous home that she asked us to work into our design and it was easy to mix them into our ideas for the dining area. Our first step was landing on the idea of layering a woven textured rug with a cowhide and to pull in some warm gold accents. The dining table was a perfect find with it's raw edge rustic elements mixed with the brass inlay running down the top of the table - the details are to die for! Since we were working with a tighter area we opted for acrylic chairs to give the allusion of more space and strayed away from adding more bulky pieces to the room. The floating shelves above her sideboard finished the look with curated decor and the modern chandelier was the finishing touch to glam up the rustic touches. Oh and yes...we couldn't forget to add a little fur to the leather bench to keep that feminine flair.

The Master Bedroom

"A Haven". This was the direction we received when designing Becca's master bedroom. She wanted a calming, feminine retreat where she could unwind and refresh each day. The room has soaring ceilings and amazing natural light and our very first thought was to do a canopy bed! This would help to anchor the space and also add that retreat feeling with breezy, linen sheers draping over. The next design element that we introduced was adding an accent wall with wallpaper - and we found the ideal selection with a subtle neutral pattern that gave just the right amount of interest and simplicity. This was a fun room to play with textures and neutral layering and we're big fans of the way it turned out!

The Office

When discussing Becca's office we had one major design issue to! We needed a creative way to neatly hide lots and lots of beauty products and other items so we opted for a sleek, modern wardrobe that was the ideal solution. With this room we went with slightly more of a modern boho feel with a one of a kind vintage rug and rattan accents. The result was as beautiful as it is functional and we loved being able to create a useful space for Becca.

The Rooftop Patio

THE PATIO. We're still drooling over this space. Being in California nothing excites us more than getting to design an indoor/outdoor space. Our goal with this area was to create not only a perfect entertaining spot but also have a daybed type situation where Becca could soak up some sun or catch up on a good book. We found the jackpot with this funky black and white daybed from Anthropologie that came in 5 separate pieces that could be joined together for the dreamiest daybed or set apart for entertaining and additional seating! After finding this piece we designed the rest of the patio from that inspo and we love the finished product!

We hope you loved getting to see some behind the scenes on this project - Becca was a dream client and we are so excited to share what we created together!

If you have been thinking about getting started on a design project at your house - contact us! - we would love to talk details.

Until next time...



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May 20, 2022

hi. can you tell me where beccas office boho rug is from???

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