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Banquettes: Not Just for Your Favorite Brunch Spot

Built-in seating, banquette seating, and built-in sofas have been a big trend for a long time - and honestly, I don't think they're going anywhere. I don't know about you, but personally when I go out to eat at a restaurant, I always prefer a booth verses a table, so much more cozy right? Well that same comfort can be implemented into your home with a custom built-in and there are so many options.

Sometimes when we suggest built-in seating for a client, they instantly are worried that we are alluding to a traditional, bulky, and functional piece that isn't necessarily eye-catching . This beautiful design below by designers Arent and Pyke is an excellent example of how a design element can be both stunning and functional at the same time.

Notice the incredible balance of woods and blacks and the subtle pop from the gold on the table legs - it's just all so good!

A real craftsman created this bench - the details are insane! I am obsessed with the way the wood is wrapped with a luxurious velvet, and it is balanced with the warm leather tones for the seat. Black, leather, and wood are a combo that I will could never get sick of.

This restaurant space is incredible for so many reasons, but the backdrop of handmade tile without a doubt elevates the space for this built-in to shine. The simplicity of the smaller profile with tight, attached cushions is sure to stop people in their tracks for years to come. This would be perfect inspiration for a smaller breakfast nook in a home that didn't have as much space for something like the Giancarlo Valle design above.

For a more laid back vibe, with lots of character, this inspiration from Three Bird's Renovation is sure to get you off the sofa and headed to make things happen. The simplicity of the bench is beautifully paired with curated pillows and incredible wood tones, sure to create a place to relax or maybe get game night started.

If you are a color enthusiast, this dining nook is sure to be all the inspiration you need. Designer Alison Damonte Design along with David Yama created an incredible Mid-Century home in Berkley Hills, CA. Such a magical balance of colors and patterns - I would love to stay here for a summer weekend!

We would love to hear your thoughts on built-in seating - would you be open to it? Is it a perfect storage solution for hidden drawers in the base, or would you rather something you could move around?

XO, Caitlin


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