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Baby Brooks Tolbert's Sweet Nursery

When we first started working with Jade and Tanner, we were so excited to pull together the perfect nursery for their little boy on the way. They expressed that they wanted something cute for their newborn, but that he wouldn't outgrow anytime soon. Kathy Kuo Home partnered with us on furnishing the space, and we were thrilled to dive into their vast inventory.

We started with a very blank slate. Emerson's furniture was brought over from their home in Kansas, but she was also being upgraded to her very own big girl room (stay tuned for that incredible transformation next week!).

We took some measurements and got to work on 3D renderings to show Jade and Tanner all of the ideas we had been dreaming up for the space. 3D renderings are an incredible way for us to show clients what existing and new furniture will look like to scale in their room. By seeing exactly how new furniture will look and fit in a space, it creates more confidence when making those larger purchases! Take a look at the rendering below and notice how closely the final product turned out!

In efforts to create a space that would be able to grow with Brooks, we chose a dark blue paint from Sherwin Williams called Sea Serpent. Wallpaper is a huge trend right now that we can definitely get behind. While we selected some beautiful choices for other rooms of Jade and Tanner's home, we felt the nursery could use more of a 3D application so we went with diagonal paneling that we painted seamlessly with the rest of the walls.

The patterned blue rug with a layered sheepskin not only creates an amazing layered look but also creates a cushioned spot to curl up on the floor with a book or some toys! We chose lighter woods for the space to contrast the deep blue walls, the crib is a simple design and creates a focal point with the moon art hung above it.

This gorgeous bookshelf was selected for the wall to create a place to display toys, books, and framed photos. We all know with children lots of storage is a must, so as the toys grow, various baskets can be styled on the shelves for even more places to hide items.

It's a known fact that newborns are synonymous with a lack of sleep. In hopes of creating another space to curl up, we specified this beautiful daybed under the window in the nursery for late-night baby check-ins or books before bed.

A large dresser was a great way to create storage for all of Brooks' clothes and diapers, but by adding on a changing topper, we were able to create a pretty solution for changing his diapers. The round mirror above the changer helps to make the room feel bigger and also refracts the light in a stunning way. How stunning is this Arteriors Chandelier? It has to be one of our favorite parts of the room and created a beautiful way to anchor the space.

We are thrilled with the way the nursery turned out and hope that Brooks creates many memories throughout the years in this versatile room.

We would love to hear your thoughts or help you design your next space! Whether it's a nursery, living room, kitchen, bathroom, outdoor patio, etc. we're ready to dive into dreaming it up with you.

If you want to see even more, head over to our portfolio to see even more details of Brooks' new nursery! And check back in next week to see all of the details of Emmy's new big girl bedroom.




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