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Art is in the Eye of the Beholder

Art is one part of any design that can be interpreted differently by each viewer. Art is so subjective - but also shows personality and elevates the space. Many clients have an idea of the direction they want their art to take such as abstract, bright, muted, landscapes, portraits, etc.

This minimal dining room is brought to life with the blend of a very colorful art piece and a complimentary yellow chair.

This beautifully designed colorful space is accented perfectly with muted portraits hung throughout the space.

The neutral palette in this dining space leaves room for the custom dining bench to shine. The abstract art piece placed above the bench adds interest without taking over the space.

A collected feel of art is by far by favorite. High ceilings allow for creativity when deciding what the appropriate piece, or pieces, to hang. This space was curated beautifully with a variety of textures and tones.

This living room creates a wonderful balance of femininity while also being muted and relaxing. The mix of blush tones and purples with the black and white sketches is stunning.

This layered, more earthy space, is finished off with gorgeous custom wood panels. Love the texture added to the space while sticking with natural wood tones.

Landscape photography or an abstract painting of a place you have been or wish to travel to can be a beautiful way to show some personality in your home.

What about a painting of a special moment at your wedding, or any other occasion? Bringing those special moments into your home in a custom painting is priceless. Check out our friend Josh Spieker if you're interested in a beautiful custom piece!

This barely scratches the surface of the endless amounts of art that you could choose to finish off your space, what is your ideal piece?

XO, Caitlin


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