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An Ode to the Outdoors

Here in "Sunny San Diego" we know a thing or two about indoor/outdoor living. When interior home square footage lacks - we attempt to justify the outrageous cost of living by suggesting that the exterior square footage of your home is livable and comparable in value. As much as I can poke fun at this concept (having not grown up in California) - I can't deny the attraction I have to beautifully designed outdoor spaces. Many people assume that landscape designers or architects are the go to professional for creating their dream backyard space; however, as times have changed and the indoor/outdoor lines have been blurred - it is fully within our scope as interior designers to help our clients dream up an irresistible outdoor space.

Now you may be thinking either your outdoor space is so small that it isn't worth giving attention to...or perhaps you don't live in Southern California and you may be wondering how to create a space that works for all four seasons. Lucky you - we've got the answers! From simple and small scale to grand and spacious we have inspiration and ideas for you to spruce up that outdoor space and make it an extension of your home.

Go Big or Go Home

Outdoor Kitchens

No doubt the key to entertaining is food. Can we all agree? And what better way to set up a good outdoor party than by bringing the kitchen to you! Long gone are the days of old fashioned stacked stone bbq set ups - now you can barely tell the difference between an indoor kitchen and an outdoor culinary dream. From pizza ovens, to drink storage and everything in between - if you have the space, you may want to consider making the most of it!

Outdoor Fireplace

Surprising to some, it does drop below 75 degrees here in San Diego (lately it's been in the 40's at night) but if you live in parts of the world where chilly weather is more the norm...why not throw in a little heat for comfort and coziness for those lower temps? There are so many solutions for added warmth - overhead heaters, standing heat lamps, and my personal favorite...fireplaces! Call me a hopeless romantic but nothing beats sitting by a fire cozied up with my husband and spending a chilly evening in. Oh...and when there is fire there most certainly should be marshmallows. Win, Win.

Outdoor Tile

The past few years I have seen a massive influx in outdoor finishes and furniture selections. Today, Caitlin and I spent time sourcing outdoor items for a new project we're working on and can I say that I was shocked at how beautiful the options are when you know where to look! The term "indoor/outdoor" really does apply when you see some of these wouldn't be able to tell the difference! One of my favorite outdoor finishes is funky and creative tile. I feel like when its outdoors you have full freedom to let your wild side out - pick a fun color, a busy pattern, or that tile that is just a little too bold for your kitchen backsplash. When in doubt - have fun! Life is short.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting sets the mood. It's true for indoors and it's true for outdoors! Landscape lighting can be such a great accent to highlight walkways, planted trees, or the exterior of your home but don't be afraid to add decorative outdoor lighting to a dining or living area to make that statement. Again, there are more options that you would imagine for you to find the one that fits your style and home perfectly.

Small Spaces & Savvy Scores

Outdoor Partitions

Maybe you share a patio area with neighbors or you don't have much privacy from a busy street...solution? Partitions! Wether it's a decorative screen, or a trellis with climbing vines, or a really rad cement wall - make that statement a functional AND beautiful solution and you can set the tone of design and decor for your outdoor space.

Outdoor Furniture

Looking for some outdoor furniture pieces to spice things up? Good news - there are budget friendly AND high end pieces that you can find to suite your needs. Target has some super cute styles and one of our favorite retail options for higher end styles can be found at Serena & Lily. Just look at these hanging chairs!! Perfect for a sunny mid day break with a good book and a tall glass of lemonade.

Outdoor Planters

If your patio or outdoor space feels a little sad in the landscape department why not add some greenery? Head to your local nursery or Home Depot and pick out your favorite outdoor plants and give some love to your space by adding oversized planters. We love to do trios of planters in various sizes to fill a random corner and add that perfect design element. This is also a great way to play around with color, textures, and different styles of foliage that best represent your personal vibe.

Outdoor Rugs & Pillows

Looking for an easy way to make a big change with little investment? Outdoor rugs & pillows are your jam. As I mentioned, Target is a great source for really fun patterns and colors but honestly you can find options at Wayfair, CB2, or even local stores like Home Goods! Grab a rug and spice up that apartment patio or add some pillows to your outdoor living area to freshen up your decor seasonally.

I hope this gives you all the inspo and motivation you need to start planning and pinning for your perfect outdoor space!




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