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A Week In 30A

This past week, my little family of three, took our first family vacation on a roadtrip down to 30A (a gorgeous stretch of beach in the pan handle of Florida). It was a trip of many "firsts"...first time to Florida...first time roadtripping with our toddler - thankfully, our trip was full of beautiful memories in a stunning location and we would 100% recommend this slice of heaven for a vacation spot!

Wether you're looking for a romantic getaway, a fun weekend with the girls, or a dreamy location for a family trip - 30A really has it all! The aesthetic of the whole strip is almost felt like 'The Truman Show' if anyone would know that reference... a sort of utopia feeling where everything is beautiful, perfectly manicured, and everyone is in a relaxed and happy vacation mode. Sign me up!

What truly draws people to this area are the beaches no doubt - think silky, white sand paired with warm, calm aqua feels like a faraway island that was only a 6.5 hour drive from middle Tennessee! The temps were in the low 80's all week and although there were definitely people everywhere, I think we managed to avoid the major crowds of summer break.

If you've ever traveled with babies or toddlers you know that vacations look quite a bit different than vacations pre-children. Early mornings, nap time schedules, outdoor seating to facilitate rambunctious toddlers...these are all new things to factor in when building an itinerary of daily activities. Thankfully, we had a few friends who were well versed in 30A "family style" and sent us all the insider scoops and recommendations that we happily abided by. And don't you worry...i'm here to pass those right along to you.

30A Food Recs - Toddler Friendly Edition

La Crema - This lil' gem is in downtown Rosemary Beach and we got delicious margaritas, fish tacos, and steak tostadas. Miraculously, our toddler sat at a table through this meal, but another great option would be to order to go and eat on the grass area just outside the restaurant.

**grassy area shown below with a very happy Sonny boy!

Beachy Bean Coffee Co. - This gem of a find came our last morning and I wish we would have known about it the whole time! Coffee, small food menu (delicious breakfast bagel), and wine in the evenings...this place has it all. The best part was a huge outdoor space with tons of seating, corn hole, and a water view.

Charlie's Delights - Delicious donuts (can't go wrong with the blueberry donut or the sour cream) and the highlight here was a splash pad just outside that our toddler enjoyed just as much as the donuts (shocking I know!).

Bruno's Pizza - This was an 'on the spot' Yelp find because we needed a grab and go option to take back to our airbnb so our little guy could crash early after a long day of beach play! They had killer wings and delicious pizza!

30A Activity Recs - Toddler Friendly Edition

Public beaches are slightly hard to come by in this stretch (as is parking) but we managed to find some slices of sand that worked great for us!

Deer Lake State Park - This was super close to our airbnb which felt like a huge win! There's a $3/vehicle entrance fee but there are bathrooms, an outdoor shower, a parking lot, and a beautiful beach! There is a longer boardwalk to get to the sand but it's a gorgeous view of a nature preserve.

Seaside - This was our first stop when we rolled into town and there is a fun little town center with a big grassy area and food trucks and a few different public access beach spots that are within walking distance! It's a bit more crowded in this area but it is really family friendly, a fun atmosphere, and a stunning beach!

Bike Rental - This isn't something we fit into our week itinerary but there are dozens of bike rental spots all along 30A with pathways everywhere for a fun family activity!

30A Design

One of the main reasons this area is so desirable is the white, coastal aesthetic that lines the coast for miles. You could spend hours just walking through neighborhoods taking in all the sights of the custom homes that flood the area...even the commercial buildings are pretty!

Pic via Pinterest - "Darling Down South"

There is no shortage of pretty things to look at in 30A - don't sleep on this not so hidden gem for your next vacation destination!

Shoot us your family's fav vacay spot in the comments below!


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